Garrett Brisbane Jamboree
Media Accreditation


Media Accreditation Details

Acceptance of Terms

  1. I acknowledge and agree as a condition of this Media Accreditation at the 2021 Garrett Brisbane Jamboree to be held on 30-31 October, 2021 (the "Event") which Event shall be deemed for the purposes of this disclaimer to include any activities to be undertaken on the 30-31 October, 2021, that neither The Jamboree Aus Pty. Ltd., nor Willowbank Raceway, nor IHRA, nor the sponsors, nor the land owners or lessees, nor the organisers of the Event nor any of their respective officers, employees, members, affiliates, representatives, agents, contractors, officials or other volunteers (together, "the Organisers"), shall be under any liability for my death, or any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result of my participation in or being present at the event except in regard to any rights I may have arising under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (or similar state legislation).
  2. I acknowledge that motor racing is dangerous and accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can, and do, happen. I also acknowledge and appreciate the likelihood and nature of injuries in motor sport and participate in this activity at my own risk.
  3. I am aged 18 years or over.
  4. I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times and show consideration for other Media representatives at the event.
  5. I agree to follow all track rules and the direction of officials.
  6. In exchange for being granted MEDIA ACCREDITATION to attend, photograph and report on the 2021 Garrett Brisbane Jamboree on 30-31 October, 2021 or any rescheduled dates I agree to report on the event using and only using the events correct name being the Garrett Brisbane Jamboree and that it is a The Jamboree Aus Drag Racing event.
  7. I agree that No video footage of the event is to be used in any commercial way without written approval from The Jamboree Aus Pty. Ltd.
  8. I understand that The Jamboree Aus Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse accreditation without necessarily assigning a reason.
  9. I agree by signing hereunder I confirm having read and understood the contents of this disclaimer and by breaching any of the above conditions that The Jamboree Aus Pty. Ltd. Reserves the right to take Legal Action to protect their rights and the rights of their sponsors.