Garrett Brisbane Jamboree Sound Off Entry


NOTE: The Garrett Brisbane Jamboree sound Off is on SATURDAY, your entry to the event is for this day ONLY unless choosing the Show and Sound or the Club and Sound options.


Entrant Details

Vehicle Details

Minimum of 3rd party insurance.

Fees and Passes

@ $35.00 each

@ $40.00 each

Includes 3% processing fee

Acceptance of Terms

I/We (competitor) does hereby release and hold harmless The Jamboree AUS P/L, Willowbank Raceway, Sound Off Judges, it’s management, sponsors, volunteers and exhibitors from any and all liability and/or damages sustained by the competitor or other including, but not limited in, personal injury, damages to motor vehicles, equipment, or other personal property during the competitor’s participation in the event.
NOTE: Exposure to high sound pressure levels may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss and the competitor does not hold The Jamboree Aus P/L responsible for any possible damages.